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Should a college or university provide a student health insurance/benefit program if it cannot comply with ACHA's standards? (submitted by a chief student affairs officer)

Each college or university should make an independent decision as to the circumstances under which it will endorse or administer a student health insurance/benefit program. Generally speaking, program termination should be considered if there are major components of ACHA's standards that cannot be complied with by a college or university. This recommendation is based on a low probability of the program:

If there are relatively minor components of the standards that cannot be complied with (e.g., the college or university decides not to offer coverage for dependents), then these exceptions to ACHA's standards should be noted within the mission and management parameters statement for the program.

Nothing in this FAQ response from SLBA should be construed to be legal advice or legal opinion. Legal questions should be reviewed by the legal counsel for the college or university submitting the inquiry.
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